Project Description

Harmonic Tremors

Harmonic Tremors is a collaborative hour-long performance that combines different forms to explore the physical and cultural power of volcanology. By merging projected animation with thematically linked music and choreography, the project became a catalyst for many future works and the formation of Harmonic Laboratory.

Project Details

Medium: Dual-channel large scale Digital projection and animation.

Premiered February 2010 at the Robinson Theater in Eugene, OR

Additional Information:
This project marked a major shift in my visual work in terms of using abstract animation as a visual component of performance and to do so at a large scale. Creating imagery of gentle slopes, violent eruptions and landscapes derived from real geological reference images was coupled with dancers with modern choreography and electronic music original composition.

Creating thematically linked content with collaborators, the work took on references to the power and reverence demanded by the strong geological forces present in this region and across the pacific rim. The work currently has three movements and upon the final development of the fourth, the series could prove to be a compelling hour-long performance.

Related research for this project included: visits to geological hotbeds in the state of Oregon, explorations of mythology around volcanology (such as those in Hawaiian traditions), and conversations with geologists about the transformations inherent in tectonics and volcanoes.

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